Semi private Pilates class

We now offer semiprivate classes with the equipment for couples, friends or persons that like to share the class.

Come to strengthen, stretch and rejuvenate in this fun session, full of variety and challenges. You will improve your posture and the way you sit. You loosen up your tensions and stretch the entire body from core, strengthen the abdominals and the best bonus of all you will save money!

Baby chair our new chair and the only one on the island of Ibiza;

The baby chair or also called armchair has the lightest springs in the whole studio. This amazing equipment is ideal for the elderly and/or people with fragile cervical area, it strengthens the upper back, the core and it helps in recovery from shoulder injuries. There are also advanced exercises for healthy clients who are looking for a challenge. It helps to lift the power house through the arms, and it decompresses, strengthens and stretches the spine.

We are now situated in the heart of Santa Eulalia on the famous Paseo de SÁlamera. Our new studio is much bigger and it has incredible view overlooking the sea. 

We also offer classes at your vila, hotel or yacht. Please write to or call us on +34 669 106 964 for more information.  

Our new address is c/Mar 1, entresuelo 1, Santa Eulalia del Rio

Come by to see us we will be happy to meet you!