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Pilates can and will change your body!

Pilates equipment training

Private Class - involve work out on apparatus and mat. The instructor develops a unique system of exercises based on the client's needs and goals.

Duet class - dynamic and creative work out with a partner. It adapts to the needs and objectives of both clients and work involves Pilates equipment. Strengthen, stretch and rejuvenate in this fun session, full of variety and challenges. It improves posture and how you sit, stretch the entire body from core and strengthens the abdominals.

Trio class  - dynamic and creative training maximum 3 people working with Pilates equipment. With regular practice of this class you will feel improvement of your posture, more flexibility, increased self-esteem and rejuvenation. This class is fun, full of variety and challenge.

Mat class - a mat class is formed by a group of 6 people working the mat exercises, transitions and flow with correct breathing, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and concentration.

The introductory classes are required before accessing mat classes.

Sessions are 55 minutes.

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