What do our clients feel with Pilates ?

It makes me stronger, it makes me challenge myself every day and helps me understand that´I cant´ doesn't exist. Every day I feel my body more toned, prettier and more its going to be yet ... lol .Now I have better quality of life and something for me once a week that reminds me 'I  take care of my body´ and mind day to day. Overcoming every obstacle with double force because the most important thing I have noticed that I´m more self-confident and I am able to get what I propose to myself  ... because Pilates makes you strong. 100% recommended for people who want self-confidence and positiveness every day of the year. And if its with Ivana BETTER THAN BEST !!!

Rosa Rubio Sola 

Ivana studies our bodies and histories and unlike in a gym, she comes over, she uses her hands to help us achieve the best in each exercise, she  speaks to us and treats us individually. Classes continue and I think ... someday that ’movement’  will come when all of the suden I stopped waiting and realised ... It has nothing to do with aerobics exercises that I expected. Over the time I began to notice changes in my body: improved posture, strength, ease, control ... really conscious of my body ... I smile and think ... life takes me down the right path, I have no right to complain! I'm lucky to be in good hands .. and now with a new 'look'  and straight back, and whole body correctly aligned and strong I discover at the age of 30, a new and rewarding learning, I'm sure it will be something significant in my life.

Ana Serra Costa 

At first I did not see it very clear and I did not like it much, it was slow and apathetic. I had always worked the body with more pace and jumping and sweated profusely. But after just a few months, I started to feel well, very well, minor back problems, kidney pains and multiple leg cramps have disappeared. I started to enjoy exercise and found that I could stretch more and more. My body responded to many stretches that I no longer believed I could do and now I´m doing them. I started to use Pilates in my daily life, which generates wellness for me, when I walk, move, or when I spend all day sitting at my desk. I hope to continue growing and advancing, which to me is great. Ivana thanks for letting me be part of Pilates, my body and I are very grateful.

Marilina Torres

I have ‘fibromialgia' which is something that produces muscle pain and a general  feeling of tiredness, which means you can not practice any kind of sports.

Initially in the first classes I was sore because I had very rigid muscles, and it was hard to do the exercises. But gradually I've been feeling a sense of relief, and I've been noticing my body stretches more and it seems more flexible, something that takes a lot of effort for me. Even my night cramps have disappeared after three months of regular practise. I see how Im advancing in the exercises, which seemed impossible to me before. I feel excited, and when I finish a class it seems like I'm more agile and light and have a sense of well-being, for me it is a very positive experience, and my challenge is to continue and go on and on noticing these changes in my body. Ivana Thanks for helping me feel better.

Conchi Pico Cabañero